What books can I choose from?

There are six book prizes which are initially available for players to choose from: 

  • Planet Earth II by Stephen Moss
  • Top Gear: Dream Cars by Sam Philip
  • Mary Berry's Quick Cooking by Mary Berry
  • How To Garden: Wildlife Gardening and How To Garden: Vegetables and Herbs by Alan Titchmarsh (twin book pack)
  • The One Plus One and The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes (twin book pack)
  • Murder Games and 17th Suspect by James Patterson (twin book pack)
Please note that availability is limited. As players redeem their vouchers, some of these titles may disappear from stock and may not be available for the entire redemption period. We recommend making your selection promptly after your win in order to secure your preferred book choice.

Why have these books been chosen?

We have selected a variety of bestselling books from different genres to give players a wide range of choice. Information about each book is available inside the online bookshop.

Will winners with more than one ticket receive multiple voucher codes?

The book voucher prize is per ticket. If you play two tickets in a postcode which wins in the book draw, you will be able to claim two book prizes. If you play three winning tickets, you could claim three book prizes. Players will receive a single voucher code that will allow multiple book redemptions, depending on how many winning tickets they play with.

If a player wins in both our book prize draws, they will receive two separate voucher codes. Each code would allow them to redeem the number of book prizes which match the number of tickets they play with.

I'm struggling to redeem my voucher code. Can you help?

If you're experiencing any difficulties in redeeming your voucher code(s), then please contact our Customer Experience team who can help. They can redeem your voucher code over the phone for you. Find out how to Contact Us.

What postal addresses can my book prizes be sent to?

We can only send book prizes to addresses in England, Scotland and Wales. We can send your books to the address which we have registered for you on your account, or you can choose to send your book prizes to yourself at a different address, if that's more convenient. Please note that your books will be delivered individually and may not arrive on the same day.

Unfortunately, we cannot send books to British Forces Post Office postcodes.

How will my book be delivered?

Book prizes will be delivered by the Royal Mail and should arrive within 14 days of your voucher being redeemed. Your books will be delivered individually and may not arrive on the same day.

When will I receive my book prize(s)?

Once redeemed, your book prizes will be delivered free of charge by Royal Mail within 14 days. Please note that the bookshop closes on 31st March 2020, so players must redeem their voucher before that date

I have missed the delivery of my book. What should I do?

Your books will each be delivered individually and these deliveries may not all arrive on the same day. The packaging of each of the individual book prizes is designed to fit through the standard letterbox size. If delivery is not possible for some reason then the Royal Mail will leave a calling card. Players can arrange re-delivery for a different time, to a different address, or pick up their book(s) from their local delivery office.

What should I do if I have received the wrong book or my book is damaged?

If players receive the wrong book or their book is damaged in some way, they should contact our Customer Experience team for assistance. Find out how to Contact Us.

What happens if I do not redeem my voucher code by 31st March 2020?

Players have over three months to redeem their book prizes once they receive their voucher code. However, on 31st March 2020, the bookshop will close and after that, voucher codes cannot be redeemed. If players do not use their voucher codes before 31st March 2020, their book prize(s) will be gifted to charity.

Can I donate my book to charity?

If players do not redeem their voucher code by the time the bookshop closes, on 31st March 2020, their book prizes will be gifted to charity.

Are e-reader/digital versions of the books available for me to download?

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we are able to offer at this time. However, if you have feedback about this prize, please Contact Us.